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Merry Christmas
22 December 2008


We went to the annual Kona Christmas parade again this year.  Sarah and Valerie marched with the 4H group while Emily and I sat in the rain and wished the parade would be over soon.  We stayed long enough to get some free candy but we didn't stay long enough to see the decorated cement trucks.  Maybe next year.

Sarah Emily Kia

This year we added chocolate covered peaberry to our website.  If you haven't tried them yet then you should do yourself a favor and order some now.  For all our customers that have ordered chocolate and coffee this holiday season, we'd like to say 'Thank You'.  We'd also like to offer an important Christmas time tip.

Tree Like many other families we always put up our Christmas tree in the living room.  Here in Hawaii we use a fake tree because real trees have to be shipped in so they're expensive and already half dead.  That's not the tip though, the tip is concerning the lights on the tree.

Our Christmas tree usually ends up in a corner of the room with the lights plugged in behind it.  That means that turning the lights on and off requires either a very long arm or trained monkey that can climb behind the tree.  We don't have either of those so we invested in the Clapper.  You know, that gizmo with the cheesy commercials and the jingle that goes "Clap On <Clap> <Clap> Clap Off <Clap> <Clap> The Clapper."

Clapper Besides making it much, much easier to turn the tree's lights on and off, it also provides all sorts of holiday fun.  We used to set the clapper so it required three claps.  It's a bit of a challenge to get the timing just right but not too hard with some practice.  This year we set it to two claps.  The lights are much easier to turn on and off now.  It is also much easier for random noises to turn the lights on and off.  The dog barking, the television, even dishes being cleaned in the sink can turn the lights on and off.  A friend's rather energetic daughter discovered that she can turn the lights on and off by yelling at the tree.  She has to get the pitch just right but she practiced until she could do it every time.

So if the lights on your tree are too boring, consider getting a Clapper of your own.  It makes for all sorts of holiday fun.

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