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School Projects
11 May 2009

Stilts1 Stilts2

Emily Emily is 10 years old and she is attending the fourth grade at Kona Pacific Public Charter School.  It is an excellent school for Emily and she really enjoys it.  One of their recent school events is a Circus Arts Performance.  Emily has already walked across glass, learned how to spin plates, been in a "really big pyramid" and is now practicing walking on stilts.  Of course the school teaches all the typical English, math and other subjects but Circus Arts is by far the most fun.

The school didn't have enough of stilts so we made a couple pairs so Emily could practice at home.  The first pair was far too large for Emily but is perfect for Daddy.  The second pair is more Emily sized and Emily did a lot of the work making them too.  If you visit the farm, and Emily is home at the time, just ask and you can try walking around on the stilts too.

Puzzle Sarah1 Sarah2
Sarah is 14 and in the eighth grade.  The public charter school that Emily is going to does not have a junior high or high school so we're homeschooling Sarah through Oak Meadow.  In our opinion, the local high school is not a valid option for Sarah but homeschooling has been going great.

As a recent homework project for Sarah I locked some chocolate Poptarts in a box and gave her a puzzle for the combination.  Are you smart enough to figure out the combination?  Here's a hint:  for science class, Sarah was recently learning about how satellites transmit television signals.  And another hint:  a couple weeks ago in math Sarah was learning about binary and hexadecimal.  Being an ex-computer game programmer I couldn't resist the urge to throw the two lessons together.  Sarah is also reading The Hobbit for literature class but I didn't think to throw that into the puzzle too, I should have.

In case you can't read the note on the box, it says:
x  Right
2x  Left
x/3  Right
x = 46 C9 49 46
49 49 E6 00

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