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Taking Pictures for Imbibe Magazine
16 November 2009

Imbibe Tearsheet
I enjoy photography.  I don't really have a natural talent for it I but enjoy pretending that I do.  Take enough pictures and even an amateur like myself can end up with a few good ones.  I'll occasionally delude myself into thinking that I'm getting good at this photography thing then I'll meet someone that really is good.

I have a couple friends that are naturally gifted photographers.  One friend has taken some spectacular photographs but doesn't publish them.  Another friend is using his "mid-life crisis" as an excuse to photograph beautiful models.  Even with a beautiful model, it still takes some talent to get a good picture.  He's starting to accumulate an impressive collection.

Bill Adams is an extremely talented photographer I met here in Kona.  He does some professional work (MomentsNow.com) but not full-time.  His brilliant photography combined with his brilliant sense of humor makes great Flickr and Facebook feeds.

Beaver Noel

Sarah Recently I had an opportunity to meet a full-time professional photographer.  His name is Marco Garcia (marcpix.com) and he was assigned to shoot an article for Imbibe Magazine.  The article mentions Kona coffee and Kona Earth specifically, including a picture of me carrying a large bag of coffee.

It's supposed to be a bag of coffee.  I had a real bag of coffee at first but they're about 100 pounds so it "looked too heavy."  Instead, I filled an empty bag with other empty bags and carried that.  It's easy to look strong when the 100 pound load is less than 10 pounds.  Sarah could lift it easily.

I learned a lot watching Marco work.  He was a very nice guy, professional and certainly experienced.  He even managed to make my picture look not-so-bad.  Of course he had taken a ton of pictures and only one made it into the magazine.

Considering how much time and expense the magazine spent on the photo shoot and interview, I was a bit surprised that the coverage was only a couple paragraphs.  There was a link to KonaEarth.com mentioned in the article but I don't think we've received any additional sales from it.  No matter, I found the whole photography experience fascinating anyways.


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