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Visiting Kona Earth Coffee Farm in January
8 March 2010


This post is from Papa Gary and Grandma Laqueta during their visit back in January.

Coffee When you live in San Diego and have grand children there and in Colorado and Hawaii, life is good. But you do a lot of traveling!  San Diego was rainy and cool in January, Colorado had snow, so it was a good time to visit Hawaii.  As you may remember from earlier posts, Kona has been in a drought.  Not to worry:  it always rains when Grandma Laqueta comes to visit.  This year was no different, it rained every day we were there [Edit: and not a drop since they left].  Even with the rain, there were still many hours of sunshine to enjoy.  We visited the Coffee Growers convention, hiked in the native gardens and shopped at the International marketplace.

A visit to Kona Earth is always fun!  Although the farm is high up (2000 feet) in coffee growing country, it is a short 7 mile drive to the beach and only about 10 miles to downtown Kona.  So you can collect fresh eggs for breakfast then go surfing and be back for lunch and a nap during the afternoon showers.


Picking Grandma Laqueta got to visit Emily’s school while Papa Gary embarrassed himself trying to surf at Keahoe Bay.  The highlights of the trip were taking Emily to Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park to get her Junior Ranger Badge, and snorkeling with Sarah at turtle beach.  We also kayaked out several miles into the ocean to search for whales and dolphin but didn't see any this time.  Other highlights were Wii bowling and boxing with the girls and the great “Full Moon Pig Hunt”.  The Hunt will be the subject of a separate posting you may want to avoid if you have a weak stomach.

Late January is the height of harvest season on Kona Earth Farm so we got to see the pickers in action.  Papa tried his hand, picking just over 20 pounds of coffee cherry in 1 ½ hour, before his fingers started to cramp.  You have to respect the experienced workers who picked over 300 pounds in a day.  Several young couples picked together while their small children played nearby.  Farmer Gary pays them well and they all enjoy working in his clean, well prepared fields.  We hauled more than 3,000 pounds of cherries to the mill one afternoon.


Sarah Emily

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