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2012 To-Do List
2 January 2012


For $179, it was a nice desk.  There were some parts that were cheap press board but most of it seemed to be real wood.  It felt sturdy and wasn't too big or too small.  Best of all, for $179 plus tax, I could take it home right then.  Still, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for and the desk I wanted to build Valerie for Christmas would fit our living room nicer.  I still had a couple weeks.  I figured that surely things would slow down soon and all I needed was one free day or maybe two.  So I decided to wait and build the desk myself.

The Kona coffee harvest season typically lasts from August until February with the peak happening exactly the same time as the Christmas sales rush.  October, November and December are definitely our busiest months and this year was our busiest year yet.  Being busy means we're making money and that's always good, but it sure would be nice to get a day off occasionally.

Pulper Processing the coffee has first priority because once the coffee is picked, it has to be processed right away or it will go bad.  Selling coffee has second priority and during the busy holiday sales that takes a surprising amount of time.  Farm work is third priority but between the first two jobs, there's not much time left.  There's definitely no time for things like building furniture.

For Christmas, Valerie received a pile of lumber.  She didn't complain though.  Mostly I think she was just happy to have the day off.  We received a few orders but when I explained that our shipping department (i.e. Valerie) had the day off, everybody was understanding.

We finished our biggest round of picking and won't start again for another week or so.  Coffee sales have slowed down just enough that we can catch up with all the farm work.  Best of all, Valerie's desk needs only one more coat of finish before it's ready.  I also managed to sneak in a beach day for the first time in months.

Drying The holiday rush is done and the harvest is past its peak but there's still plenty to do.  Looking at past posts I realized that is has been three years since I purchased the coffee pulper.  When I installed it, I purposely left some things unfinished because I wanted to get more familiar with the pulper before making everything permanent.  After spending hours and hours working with that beast, I think maybe it's time to make the improvements I've always wanted to.  Replacing the pile of buckets with a pump sure would be nice.  That's definitely on the To-Do list for 2012.

Next on the list is coffee drying.  My proprietary, highly-engineered Kona Estate coffee dryer is actually capable of drying coffee now, it just doesn't do it very well yet.  The drying part works great, it's the loading and unloading part that isn't quite working right yet.  I also have several improvements I want to make to the drying deck.  I'm sure the coffee raking crew (i.e. the kids) will approve of the planned improvements.

Stair The coffee pulping and drying improvements are tied for the number one spot on the 2012 To-Do list.  A recent but important addition to the list is our "Coffee shipping" room.  The existing room is getting too crowded so the new plan is to redo part of the barn and turn it into a nice, clean, secure place for filling coffee orders.  It sure would be nice to have the extra space.

Other big items on the list are several home improvements.  I mentioned the master bathroom shower on my 2010 wish list.  It has never worked right and has been completely disconnected since 2008 emergency plumbing repairs.  I'm really hoping it makes it to the top of the list this year.

With two teenage girls in the house, having more than one shower in the house would be really nice.  As nice as that would be, it will have to compete with things like "The Stair of Death" on the pulper deck and the "One Giant Step" outside of the office.  Things like landscaping the front yard or rebuilding the fence around the macadamia nut orchard may or may not get done in 2012.  Before I can start on any of that though, I need to go finish Valerie's Christmas present.


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