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The house desperately needed a new roof.
16 December 2013


Roofing is a lot of hard work.  It usually requires a professional crew and things like cranes and expertise and stuff.  I decided I didn't need any of that.  Instead, I did the work myself.  Well, not totally by myself, my friend did most of the work.  And my other friend helped too.  And so did another friend.  I'm glad I have friends.

Careful The hardest part was under the solar water heater.  That sucker is heavy, even after it was drained.  Since I don't have a crane, or expertise or anything, I decided to use a 2x4 instead.  The first 2x4 split in half but the second one made a great lever.  We lifted one side of the water heater at a time.  A couple inches is all we needed to slide the old roofing out and the new roofing in.  We didn't even have to disconnect the water pipes.  It's as if we knew what we were doing.

The rest of the roof went well too.  Buckets were only needed under one of the skylights and only for a few days.  I would have fixed it sooner but roofing is hard work and I was tired.

When this new roof has to be replaced again 30 years from now, that roofer will likely find himself saying "My, whoever put this old roof on sure did a great job!"

Ok, those might not be the exact words used but I am confident that the new roof will be leak free for many years to come.  The new roof is sealed, clean and rust free.  Considering that all our water comes from the roof, that last bit is important.

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