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Kona Earth coffee farm
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This is a collection of articles about us, the farm, Kona coffee, Hawaii or any other subject that seemed interesting at the time.  New entries are added every Monday morning.  Usually.  Farm work comes first so we may occasionally miss a post but once a week is the goal.  With luck you'll have some new pictures and a short story to read every Monday morning while sipping your fresh Kona coffee.

Some of our weekly updates are for registered users only.  This is not an attempt to get users to register but rather an attempt to retain some privacy.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The good news is that registering is quick, easy, free and our privacy policy guarantees you a spam free experience.  If you already have an account then all you have to do is sign in.

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Predictions Predictions:  Where will I be one year from now?
Posted 1 Apr 2014
Drying Deck Drying Deck:  The coffee drying deck received an overhaul.
Posted 30 Dec 2013
New Roof New Roof:  The house desperately needed a new roof.
Posted 16 Dec 2013
Crazy Drivers? Crazy Drivers?:  This should stop them.
Posted 9 Dec 2013
Too Much Good Coffee Too Much Good Coffee:  Can coffee be too good?
Posted 4 Dec 2013
Pulped Naturals Pulped Naturals:  Connoisseurs call it Honey coffee but there's no honey in it.
Posted 8 May 2013
What's this? What's this?:  Exciting things are happening at Kona Earth.
Posted 25 Feb 2013
19 North 19 North:  Could you tell what was in this special roast?
Posted 8 Feb 2013
Cupping Cupping:  A quick how-to guide for cupping coffee.
Posted 2 Feb 2013
Cupping Challenge Cupping Challenge:  Have you ever done a coffee cupping before?
Posted 1 Feb 2013
Summer Summer:  January is a great month for the beach.
Posted 21 Jan 2013
Dump truck Dump truck:  Have a new dump truck? Throw a party!
Posted 7 Jan 2013
Goodbye Tractor Goodbye Tractor:  I've never liked that stupid tractor anyways.
Posted 24 Dec 2012
Shoveling in the Dark Shoveling in the Dark:  It's ok, the dog watched for monsters.
Posted 3 Dec 2012
Raking Coffee Raking Coffee:  Coffee needs constant raking while it dries.
Posted 26 Nov 2012
Almost Ready Almost Ready:  Anxiously waiting for this year's coffee harvest
Posted 8 Oct 2012
Food Safety Food Safety:  Studies about food and farm safety get my attention.
Posted 21 Sep 2012
Coffee Award Coffee Award:  Kona Earth coffee won another award.
Posted 12 Sep 2012

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