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Kona Earth coffee farm
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This is a collection of articles about us, the farm, Kona coffee, Hawaii or any other subject that seemed interesting at the time.  New entries are added every Monday morning.  Usually.  Farm work comes first so we may occasionally miss a post but once a week is the goal.  With luck you'll have some new pictures and a short story to read every Monday morning while sipping your fresh Kona coffee.

Some of our weekly updates are for registered users only.  This is not an attempt to get users to register but rather an attempt to retain some privacy.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The good news is that registering is quick, easy, free and our privacy policy guarantees you a spam free experience.  If you already have an account then all you have to do is sign in.

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New Puppy New Puppy:  Sarah talks about Kia and Lei Day.
Posted 11 Jun 2006
Electric Lines Electric Lines:  The electric lines need to be moved.
Posted 4 Jun 2006
Steel I-beams Steel I-beams:  Getting the barn's steel into place was a challenge.
Posted 28 May 2006
Mongoose Mongoose:  Mongooses have been stealing our eggs.
Posted 21 May 2006
Flumin Da Ditch Flumin Da Ditch:  We went kayaking down an old irrigation ditch.
Posted 14 May 2006
Pouring Concrete Pouring Concrete:  The barn foundation is finally done.
Posted 7 May 2006
Game Programmer Game Programmer:  Is game programmer the best job in America?
Posted 30 Apr 2006
Free Labor Free Labor:  Only really lucky visitors get to help with farm chores.
Posted 23 Apr 2006
Grandparents Grandparents:  Grandma and Grandpa come to visit the farm.
Posted 16 Apr 2006
James & Nat James & Nat:  Vacationing and helping on the farm.
Posted 9 Apr 2006
Raising Chickens Raising Chickens:  Do hens produce more poop than they do eggs?
Posted 2 Apr 2006
Two pigs Two pigs:  More pig hunting pictures.
Posted 26 Mar 2006
Making mulch Making mulch:  We trimmed the macadamia nut trees.
Posted 19 Mar 2006
Answers Answers:  Answers to the First Annual Trivia Challenge
Posted 12 Mar 2006
Visiting Friends Visiting Friends:  A programmer's view of Hawaii.
Posted 26 Feb 2006
Harvest Harvest:  47,000 pounds of coffee cherry were picked this year.
Posted 19 Feb 2006
Pruning Pruning:  Once the harvest is done, it's time for pruning.
Posted 12 Feb 2006
Goats Goats:  We were sad to lose one of our goats this week.
Posted 5 Feb 2006

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