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Kona Earth coffee farm
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This is a collection of articles about us, the farm, Kona coffee, Hawaii or any other subject that seemed interesting at the time.  New entries are added every Monday morning.  Usually.  Farm work comes first so we may occasionally miss a post but once a week is the goal.  With luck you'll have some new pictures and a short story to read every Monday morning while sipping your fresh Kona coffee.

Some of our weekly updates are for registered users only.  This is not an attempt to get users to register but rather an attempt to retain some privacy.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The good news is that registering is quick, easy, free and our privacy policy guarantees you a spam free experience.  If you already have an account then all you have to do is sign in.

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Brewing Kona Coffee Brewing Kona Coffee:  Avoid poppy raking with snakes.
Posted 23 Nov 2009
Imbibe Magazine Imbibe Magazine:  Kona Earth is features in Imbibe Magazine.
Posted 16 Nov 2009
Broken Equipment Broken Equipment:  Sometimes everything breaks at once.
Posted 2 Nov 2009
Supporting Ironman Supporting Ironman:  The Ironman World Championship is in Kona.
Posted 12 Oct 2009
Farm Volunteer Farm Volunteer:  Volunteering to work on a Kona coffee farm.
Posted 5 Oct 2009
Kona Coffee Storage Room Kona Coffee Storage Room:  Stores coffee and secures prisoners.
Posted 28 Sep 2009
Storing Kona Coffee Storing Kona Coffee:  What is the best way to store Kona coffee?
Posted 21 Sep 2009
Business as Usual Business as Usual:  Growing Kona coffee isn't all hard work.
Posted 14 Sep 2009
Mulch Mulch:  Turning unwanted branches into rich top soil.
Posted 6 Aug 2009
Innovative Photos Innovative Photos:  10 ways I have used my digital camera.
Posted 30 Jul 2009
Murphy's Tractor Murphy's Tractor:  Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.
Posted 20 Jul 2009
Web Development Web Development:  I can help with all your website needs.
Posted 1 Jul 2009
Big Surf Big Surf:  I'm a Kona coffee farmer, not a professional surfer.
Posted 14 Jun 2009
Fair Trade Fair Trade:  Is Kona Earth coffee fair trade certified?
Posted 25 May 2009
Global Warming Global Warming:  Thoughts on Kona coffee and the weather
Posted 18 May 2009
School Projects School Projects:  School doesn't have to be boring.
Posted 11 May 2009
Wintertime Wintertime:  Winter is a good time to go swimming.
Posted 20 Apr 2009
Volcano Volcano:  Visiting Volcanoes National Park
Posted 13 Apr 2009

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