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April Fools
April Fools - This isn't a joke, it's just foolish.
Posted 1 Apr 2017
Rape Shack
Rape Shack - What kind of horrible place is this?
Posted 27 Mar 2017
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary - How I made $0 in the stock market.
Posted 9 Mar 2017
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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary depending on who you ask.  Either way, it does the same thing.  Basically, instead of having to periodically visit all of your favorite web pages to look for recent changes, RSS allows you to easily find all those changes in a single place.  Many content providers such as news services or weblog authors provide an RSS feed.  Users then use an "aggregator" to monitor their favorite RSS feeds and show any new content.  For example, the USGS offers an earthquake RSS feed so instead of having to repeatedly check their site you can simply add their RSS feed to your aggregator so you can easily see a list of all the recent rumblings.

What is an RSS Aggregator?

To receive an RSS feed you will need an RSS aggregator.  There are downloadable reader applications, many of them free, with just about every feature imaginable.  Alternatively, if you have a favorite home page service such as My Yahoo! or Google then you can simply add your favorite RSS feeds to your home page, you won't need a separate aggregator.

Kona Earth RSS

Every week or so there is a new posting about recent events and adventures here at Kona Earth.  To find the latest postings you can check the website periodically or you can add the RSS feed to your favorite aggregator or home page.

Clicking on the RSS button will show you the source code for the RSS feed.  If you are using an RSS aggregator, it will need this code.  If you are using a home page then all you need is the address of the code: http://www.KonaEarth.com/rss.xml

RSS Chances are good that you don't even need that.  Most modern web browsers can automatically detect RSS and subscibe to it for you.  Simply look for this orange icon.  This icon means the website you are viewing has an RSS feed.  The icon is probably somewhere near the top-right or bottom-right corner of the window you're using now.  Once you find it, click on it then follow the directions.

Home Page

If you use a Google perzonalized home page you can add Kona Earth RSS feed by simply clicking on this button:  Add to Google

If you use My Yahoo! as your home page then you can add Kona Earth RSS feed by simply clicking on this button:  Add to My Yahoo!

Once the feed is added you may want to customize how it is displayed.  Different RSS aggregators display the feed in different ways.  The Kona Earth feed has pictures and a short description, just like our Farm Life index page.  You'll have to fiddle with your particular system to customize it the way you want.  Once you get it all set up then the articles should update automatically.  Whenever you see a new picture, simply click on it and you will be taken directly to the new story.


RSS is completely optional.  It is nothing but a shortcut directly to the most recent stories posted on the Kona Earth Farm Life page.  If you don't want to be bothered with any of this RSS nonsense then you can simply bookmark this site and return to it whenever you'd like.

It's ironic how simplifying your life can be so complex.  In the end though, most people like the idea of RSS feeds.  Personally, I have a couple dozen RSS feeds on my home page.  Keeping up with my favorite websites while sipping a fresh cup of Kona coffee is my favorite way to spend my mornings.

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