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Driving Directions

Kona Earth
Kona Earth
78-1348 Bishop Road
Holualoa, HI  96725
(808) 324-1725

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Hours of operation:
Pretty much any time it's daylight.  Call first so we can open the gate for you.

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Current Hawaii time is GMT -10

Map Kona Earth farm isn't the easiest to get to.  The most difficult part is getting yourself several thousand miles across the Pacific to the Kona district on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Once you've done that, the rest is much easier.

If you happen to have a GPS, follow it to (N19°33.654, W155°55.219).  If you left your GPS at home then you'll have to follow these complex sounding but really not so difficult directions.  They're only complex sounding because none of the roads have very well marked names.

Start by finding your way south of Kailua-Kona.  There's only one main road that goes around the island.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a consistent name.  Kuakini Hwy, Hawaii Belt Road or 11 is how it shows up on most maps.  If you're in town and you head south, eventually you'll be on this main road.  Once you pass the last stop light at Kamehameha III then the road makes it's way up a long, steep hill.  This is just about the only spot on the island where traffic regularly goes faster than 55 MPH.  At the top of the hill the traffic slows down again as the road narrows from two lanes into one lane each direction.
Left at Keauhou sign Turn Left:  Turn left at the Keauhou Holualoa sign.  This picture is driving south.  Unfortunately the mile markers aren't consistent through here so you'll just have to remember that the turn is at the top of the hill.  Luckily the sign is easily visible.
Right at Keauhou sign Turn Right:  Turn right towards Keauhou.  Now you're on Mamalahoa Highway which is the old highway.  We use this road when taking our coffee to the mill.  Before trucks this road was used by donkeys loaded with bags of coffee.  Before that it was used by the native Hawaiians.  The Mamalahoa Highway is thought to be named for the "Law of the Splintered Paddle" whereby Kamehameha the Great guaranteed all his subjects safe and free access to the highways of his kingdom.  The story is that Kamehameha was whacked in the head with a canoe paddle by a commoner wary of strangers.  The incident made Kamehameha decide that the people needed a safe road.   Be careful though, the Law of the Splintered Paddle doesn't stop cars from occasionally driving over the edge of this narrow road.
Left at Old Poi Factory Road Turn Left:  In just under one mile, turn left onto Old Poi Factory Road.  The official name of the road is Bishop Road but the sign out front says Old Poi Factory Road.  Maybe the sign was placed by someone that had been hit in the head with a paddle.  Whatever the case, keep your eyes open for the turn, it's easy to miss.  When you see the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses get ready, your turn is just around the corner.  Don't worry, when you miss it and have to turn around, the turn is easier to see from the other direction.
No more turns:  Head mauka (up hill) for about 1.6 miles.  Drive slowly, this one lane road is narrow and you may need to pull over for traffic coming the other way.  The road will try to trick you into making a wrong turn.  Don't fall for it, just stay on the main road and head up hill.  If you make a wrong turn you'll quickly realize that you're on someone's driveway or heading the wrong way so simply turn around and head up hill again.

Here are some landmarks you can look for on the way:
Stay right at chickens
Stay right at the chickens, just past Palekana Rd.
Stay left at Heavenly Hawaiian
Stay left at Heavenly Hawaiian farm.
Stay left at No Spray sign
When you pass the "No Spray" sign, stay left.  Around the corner you'll probably see lots of dogs in the road.
Stay right at tree house
Stay right at the tree house.  It's not really a tree house but it sort of looks like one.
Stay left at truck
Stay left at the turn with no discernable landmarks.  You're almost there now.
Turn right at mailbox
Turn right at 78-1348 Bishop Road.  Look for our large black mailbox and Kona Earth sign.
Family Kia If the gate is closed, please respect our privacy and come back another time.  If the gate is open, we'll probably hear you as you come up the driveway.  Keep going going until you get to the house then park wherever you can find a space.  We'll be out in a second.

The barking dog is named Kia, she's quite friendly after she's had a chance to sniff and make sure you're not a tea drinker.

If you get lost, Contact Us for assistance.

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